Studio FtB

 boXbyStudioFtBlogo16px manifesto

distractions of proven design formulas can divert, but not extinguish one’s compulsions. therefore Pierre Albert Winter established this firm, as a serious professional outlet to obtain fresh air.

 boXbyStudioFtBlogo16px architecture + design + fashion

architects have long ventured into furniture design, notably bauhaus’ mies van der rohe. the design aesthetic of the furniture ties into the overall mood of the volume of space. continuing this thought process, we targeted accessories we introduce into these volumes … bringing architectural aesthetic to the smallest details, thereby controlling the design environment.

 boXbyStudioFtBlogo16px helmut newton’s influence

the inspiration for the short film ‘black box’ came from newton’s photograph ‘two pairs of legs in silk stockings’, paris, 1979. we are so touched that the film premiered at the cannes film festival court metrage in 2011 and also screened at the la jola fashion film festival in 2012.

 boXbyStudioFtBlogo16px press

vanity fair france 
  les plus belles demeures de airbnb

vice magazine
  the boulevardiers [vice blog network] spotted hit bag :: pierce your keys!  box. designs worth stealing.

fashion located
  box. the anti-brand. fashion located in new york.

crowdfunding pr
  ‘is sexy cat burglar linked to pink panther gang?’

screendaily at the cannes film festival

inside tribeca loft tour
  supporting duane park :: ’42 n moore street’

  interior design served :: ‘Studio FtB :: soho building entry facade & lobby’